Board of Directors

Eric Amos | President & Executive Director

Eric is a business owner and professional problem solver (Engineer) who saw his life turned upside down through Listening Prayer and an unexpected inner healing journey. Eric was first introduced to Listening Prayer in 1996 and inner healing in 1998 while in community with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

At the age of 22, Eric found himself kneck deep in an early onset mid-life/emotional crisis. Dealing with debilitating depression and desperate for answers, Eric was fortunate to stumble upon competent Christian counseling, some good books, and various inner healing prayer ministries that God used to bring a great deal of healing, freedom, deliverance, and hope over the span of 20 years.

While Eric would like to think he is some kind of spiritual ninja, he primarily learned the ins and outs of hearing God's voice, partnership with the Holy Spirit, and inner healing & deliverance prayer through receiving hundreds of hours of prayer from various ministries/ministers including Gordon Dalbey, Bethel Sozo, Charles Kraft, Desert Streams Ministries, and Vineyard churches.

Naturally, with that kind of investment in Eric's life, God has invited Eric to begin investing in others just as others have so generously invested in him. While Eric has various interests and hobbies, he is most alive when he is helping facilitate opportunities for people to connect to Jesus' voice and when partnering with Jesus to help others receive healing and restoration.

Jaime Wood | Treasurer & Secretary

Jaime grew up in a Christian family, hearing and learning God's word along the way. At the age of 7, she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. Throughout her life, she has longed to know God more intimately, but her own efforts to grow closer to God through His word alone, led to feelings of frustration and loneliness. An "I can do it myself" personality led to many years of trying to follow Christ "perfectly" on her own terms. Understandably, Jaime's "perfectly" hasn't gone well, as she has come to realize that she is completely incapable of doing it by herself.

God has seen Jaime through some journeys that she would like to claim as "making it" by her own efforts. She believes, however, that she owes all her success to God, in His goodness and mercy. In her academic and career life, she has an MBA, and has been called to add to her education by learning to listen. She leads a team of people who are responsible for listening, advising and guiding university students through life decisions about degrees, study abroad opportunities and college life.

In God's perfect timing -- which seemed like a long time in coming -- Jaime was introduced to Listening Prayer. Listening Prayer makes sense to her in light of a career spent listening to others. Her first encounter with hearing God through Listening Prayer left her longing for more. During one memorable time spent listening, she received an image of Jesus taking all her cares and burdens and casting them into the sea. This powerful picture of God's love and willingness to engage with her, has led Jaime to the belief that hearing God is essential to living an obedient, full, and whole life. She longs for others to discover Listening Prayer so that they, too, can share in the knowledge that, "God is able to do far more than we could ever ask for or imagine. He does everything by his power that is working in us" (Ephesians 3:20).

Nathan Jakubiak | Director

Nathan and his family were part of a religious cult in rural Colorado during his formative years of 5-12. Through this experience he learned many untruths about God, including that God was out to get him and that he could have no assurance of God's acceptance. He became an extremely anxious person and wondered if he could ever live a "normal" peaceful life.

Nathan was exposed to the concept that God speaks to people during a prayer seminar in college. As he grew in his faith, he was confident that God could guide him into what was next, and while he did not know how to hear God specifically, he had a conviction that it was possible. He joined a team of people at his church that were working in the area of listening to God and inner healing, and pursued learning how to hear God.

As Nathan practiced, he heard many positive loving things from God but worried they were not actually from God. His life changed when he finally realized that what he was hearing was from God (as opposed to coming from the enemy or himself) and that he could trust that voice. He learned to listen to God's encouraging voice instead of all the negative voices inside of him.

For over 10 years Nathan has been on the leadership team of a listening prayer and inner healing ministry at his church. During that time he has hosted many listening to God workshops, led inner healing sessions, and developed curriculum related to those topics.

Nathan loves to help people realize that they can hear God's voice and connect to what God is saying to them. His has seen that people change and are freed when they hear God and respond to what they hear.

Nathan and his wife Jenny have 2 school-aged children and currently live in Pasadena CA. Nathan is employed as a software engineer.